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Chimney Repair & Masonry


We Fix Leaky Chimneys!

When was the last time you looked at your brick chimney?

On average homeowners have their roof repaired or replaced every 15-20 years, while they may have their chimney repaired only once over a 50-year period.

When it comes to having your brick home or masonry chimney repaired, we at Safeway Chimney have a saying, “The sooner, the better.” Masonry repairs tend get more and more involved the longer they are put off. What could have been a simple tuck-pointing job can quickly turn into a tear down and rebuild. When one area of masonry cracks or flakes that damage will spread over time. As water enters the structure it seeps through the masonry pulling minerals from the brick which in turn weakens the structure. This process repeats and as it repeats the work required to rectify it goes up exponentially.

How do I know if I need Masonry Work?

  • Are there cracks in the bricks or stone?
  • Is the brick Flaking or “Spalling”?
  • Is an Efflorescence or white chalky substance visible on the exterior or interior?
  • Is a black/ green moss or mildew staining the brick?
  • Is drywall “bubbling” or saturated after rain?
  • Do the mortar joints seem to be recessing?

Things to Keep in Mind

At Safeway Chimney our philosophy is to do the job correctly the first time. We access the entire chimney or masonry area and give you the correct recommendation from the start. A lot of companies try to band aid an issue, it may seem to solve your problem for a short period of time but costs you more money in the long term. We are a equipped with the correct skills and materials to give you the best option depending on how extensive the damage may be. Call Safeway today and we will diagnosis the route of your issue and recommend the correct procedures to rectify it!

All Work is Performed by Licensed & Certified Technicians.

Fully insured and trained in the most up to date practices.