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Does it seem to take longer or do you need to run multiple cycles for your dryer to completely dry your laundry? Are your energy bills higher than normal? It could mean you need your Dryer Vent Cleaned.

Many homeowners neglect to have they’re dryer vent cleaned regularly, and this can be hazardous to residents. From 2010-2014 the NFPA reported over 15,000 9-1-1 calls due to fires started from the washer and dryer, 92% of these cases originated in the dryer.

Overtime Dryer Vents build up an extremely flammable lint. When this lint catches fire it burns extremely hot and is likely to spread to throughout the vent and to combustibles surrounding it, like wood framing and dry wall. The NFPA recommends having your dryer vent cleaned and inspected annually to reduce this hazard.

Factors in lint accumulation in the dryer vent

  • Lack of regular cleaning
  • How often the Dryer is used
  • Pet and Human hair
  • The Length of the vent
  • The amount of bends or elbows the vent takes
  • Improper Installation

Cut Down Your Energy Bills!

Having a dirty dryer vent can affect your dryer’s performance. As your Dryer Vent builds up lint it will begin to choke the vent to the point where a 4in pipe might have 3in or less of air space. When this happens, it takes the vent longer to exhaust the water vapors created during the clothes drying. This causes the dryer to run longer, equating to higher gas bills! That means Cleaning your Dryer Vent will not only reduce fire hazards but actually save you money in the long term!

When you hire Safeway Chimney Sweeps to clean your dryer vent,we will remove all lint and debris within the dryer vent, and inspect the entire system in accordance with NFPA Codes and Standards. We aim not only to provide you with an excellent service but also give you the information you need to keep your family safe!

All Work is Performed by Licensed & Certified Technicians.

Fully insured and trained in the most up to date practices.